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Welcome to my place and make yourself at home! The day is slowly speeding up and I know it will keep going like this until the evening, but I hope you will find a moment for a cup of hot coffee or tea.

If you lived nearby, I would invite you for one. The smell of which would spread throughout the room. It would be warm and I would make it for you, because I know that you have a lot of things to do every day, and that simple gesture would make things a little better.

We could talk, you, me and other mums who would also drop by for a coffee to catch a breath. About our sorrows, joys, challenges, what frustrates us and angers us. You would feel that you are not alone with your problems, and other women in a similar situation would give you strength for the next few days.

We don’t live close, but I would love to get to know you anyway, tell you a little bit about myself and offer my support, if you need it.

This is my space on the Internet. This is my second, virtual, place in the world. There are no armchairs, sofas and books, no sunset views, aromas and soft sounds here, this space generates different feelings. But it is still my place, and here I pour a part of myself with joy.

My name is Karolina and I am a lactation pharmacist. I specialize in drug safety during lactation. For last five years I have been working as a consultant in a private practice, helping mothers to minimize risk of therapy while breastfeeding.

I graduated from Pharmacy at the Medical University of Poznań, I completed numerous courses and training in the field of lactation, I completed the Pharmacovigilance Specialist course. I have been a speaker on international conferences (Prolacta 2019, iLactation 2022) and a translator(International Lactation Workshop with Ariela Levy 2019, Tongue Tie Congress 2020, Lactation support and consultations for premature babies 2021).

On a daily basis, I run a private office, where I provide pharmaceutical services to patients. I work in teams with doctors, midwives, nurses, monitor therapy, and collect data on adverse effects among breastfeeding patients and their children.

The culmination of my last project on pharmacovigilance was the publication of the results of a study on the effects of maternal COVID-19 vaccination in breastfed babies in Preprints with The Lancet (CLICK to see)

I am the editor-in-chief of the Laktaceuta Publishing House, I publish educational materials on the drug safety in breastfeeding women. I conduct training for medical professionals and individuals providing non-medical support. Over the last five years, I have trained over 500 specialists, conducted over 50 face-to-face and online meetings. I have published five books.

I am a member of the Polish Society of Clinical Pharmacy and Polish Society of Pharmacovigilance.

As you read this I hope you are sitting comfortably, maybe breastfeeding, or perhaps out on a walk. Maybe you are surrounded by beautiful, calm colors of motherhood, there is soft music in the background. But most likely not.
Most likely, like all other adults, you are trying to take a moment for yourself in this crazy world. The more I thank you for stopping by at my place.

Have a great day!

If you wish to contact me:

0048 782 056 850
Słowackiego 55/1
61-521 Poznań