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Presentations and lectures

For over 7 years, I have been serving a consultant on medication use during lactation. I had and continue to work one-on-one with lactating patients, monitor the newest research and conduct my own. I focus on practical approach and Patient Centered Care.

I conduct courses and training for medical students, medical professionals, staff members, peer supporters and parents at in person or virtual events.

Here is a list and short description of currently prepared topics. If you need more details or would like me to prepare something else for your event, please do not hesitate to contact me, I would be glad to reply –

I declare no conflict of interest and I work in compliance to WHO code.

A square peg in a round hole. Why and how do drugs get into breastmilk.
Duration: 60-90 min
Summary: At this lecture I talk about the anthropological reasons for drug transfer, I show (on a model, and this is quite fun) the main ways of cellular transport, and describe step by step what happens with the drug particles after administering it to the lactating individual. What is the pathway of the drug from intake to breast tissue and the organism of the baby. And I highlight what is most important in this process when assessing drug safety in lactation.

A hall of mirrors. Treating depression and anxiety disorders in lactating patients.
Duration: 60-90 min
Summary: Recent data on Depressive Spectrum Disorders in relation to lactation. Correlation and causation, drug problems, points to consider when treating patients with DSD. With a case description.

Patient Centered Care when it comes to lactating parents. Challenges and points to consider.
Duration: 60-90 min
Summary: Role of open communication and honest relationship with the lactating patient in the effectiveness of the therapy. How to assess safety of pharmacotherapy in baby-lactating patient dyad – what to keep in mind. Enhancing compliance, introducing golden standard follow-up.

Medications and lactation consultation step by step.
Duration: 120 min
Summary: Professional pharmacotherapy safety in lactation assessment walkthrough. Medical interview, fast and effective data analysis, talking to the patient, conducting follow up. Checkpoint list provided and all explained on my own clinical cases.

Filling the gaps. Monitoring adverse events in lactation.
Duration: 90 min
Summary: What kind of adverse events can we expect in lactating patients? The common mistakes made when thinking of adverse reactions in breast/cheastfeeding, problems with reporting them and establishing causation. Comes with case study.